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About Beverly Carrick

About Beverly Carrick

The first time you view a Carrick painting, you cannot help but recognize that here is an artist with a unique sense of color and light. Whether a desert landscape, a vibrant seascape, or a whimsical flight of fancy, Carrick’s eye for color, and wonderful mastery of light and reflection, touch your senses and emotions. Her paintings come to life; and immediately capture you in a marvelous visual experience.“Color and light are everything to me”, she says. “I try to make a painting as beautiful as I can. I think that’s what art should be.”

A native Californian growing up in Bakersfield, Carrick was well on her way to becoming an outstanding ballerina when tragedy struck, and opened for her a new door. When she lost her leg to bone cancer at the early age of twelve, she turned to art as therapy, and soon discovered not only her love for oil painting, but her special talent as well. In 1963, after studying with noted seascape artist, Vernon Kerr, in Laguna Beach, she began her professional career. As she developed her own personal style, she continued to learn technique with such notables as Theodore Lukits, who trained many of Walt Disney’s artists. Her fame as a painter of Southern California seascapes characterized by rolling waves, frosted surf, distant hills, and rugged rocks, soon spread. This led her on to the challenges of western deserts and landscapes. In 1993, her popularity and talent was recognized when a limited edition series of 275 signed and numbered prints of her painting, “Commuters’ Special 1870”, sold out in five minutes on the Bob Eubanks Southwest Gallery of the Home Shopping Network. Today her work encompasses a wide range of vistas and themes.

Truly great art comes from the soul. So it is with Carrick. Although she may visit a particular landscape, ocean, or desert locality, she never paints from photos. “I try to recreate the feeling of the area that I experienced. I want to be realistic in my presentation so that the viewer can “walk into” my paintings. I don’t want to do something that can be done with a camera. I prefer to work from my imagination.”

A founding Signature member of the American Academy of Women Artists, Carrick’s work can be seen in established galleries throughout the West and Southwest. Art lovers in Palm Desert, Santa Fe, Laguna, San Francisco, and the Napa Valley, where she resided for many years, know her work well. So do personal collectors and noted celebrities such as Randy Travis, and TV producer David Wolper who commissioned her to do a 6’ x 4’ original of the Napa Valley.

Carrick now once again makes her home in Bakersfield, California. Essentially a studio painter, she can be found daily with paint brush in hand as she has done for more than thirty years. “I am limited in the amount of walking I can do. It is difficult for me to climb up and down hills, and nature is full of lumps and bumps. But, I can stand all day and paint, and continue to improve. The fact that I’ll always be improving is what makes painting interesting to me.” For the rest of us it is the guarantee that we will continue to experience the magic of her color and light.

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Address: 7308 Callejon de Benicia • Bakersfield, CA. 93309 • 661.831.2544

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